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The North Yorkshire Branch of UNISON is run by a committed group of individuals who believe passionately in public services and the public sector ethos. The Branch has approximately 7,000 members and whilst North Yorkshire County Council employs the majority of members we also have these employed by around 100 other organisations. sdsdsds

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As North Yorkshire is such a big County the Branch is composed of five geographical areas. Click on this map for more details.


Moments of Truth


Your public services are at breaking point. Hear from the people who provide them – and their personal, and often frank stories of the tremendous pressures they face.

Hear their voices. Share their stories. Take a stand for your public services.



To enjoy the benefits of being part of Britain's largest public sector union join UNISON now - together we're stonger!

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UNISON North Yorkshire relies on its volunteers on the ground, but in some workplaces we don’t have a contact or steward. We’re looking for people to step forward to help themselves and their colleagues.

Become a Steward

Become a Steward
A UNISON Steward is a key link between members and the union. Stewards can talk to members about workplace problems, advise them and keep them informed of latest developments, represent members in your workplace, organise and recruit new members.
Different stewards get involved in different activities depending on experience, skills and time factors. You won't be forced to do anything you don't want to do and we will offer you training and backup.

UNISON is very much in favour of job sharing for stewards. This way you can spread the load, work together and support each other. If you know a work colleague whose interested—do it together!

To find out more and have a chat about becoming a steward please contact Gill Robinson on g.robinson@unison.co.uk or 07903 846649


Workplace Contact
Workplace Contact
If you are not sure about being a steward you can volunteer to be a workplace contact. Workplace contacts have a more informal role than stewards or safety representatives. Their main job is to make sure members receive union and other important information as well as being the first point of contact. To volunteer as a workplace contact please call the branch office on 01609 532670.

Branch affiliations

The Branch is affiliated to the following organisations:

CND | Community Heart (Building the new South Africa) | Abortion Rights | War on Want Wateraid

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